Artist Statement

Marooned, 2015 by Steve Taylor


Creativity and Imaginative are my keys to my art.

As an artist, I have explored different arrange of art mediums and movements, and my strongest skills and the ones that I enjoyed the most are painting, drawing, photography and graphic design (Photoshop).
I deconstruct my imagination to show the elements of what’s real, and what’s not; taking inspirations from my childhood and adult memories and my focused context is my exploration between reality and fantasy in my subject matters.
For my painting, I have mainly explore and create fantasy and landscape elements of paintings, that I mainly use acrylic and oil to make this possible. At the moment it’s my main skill and interest to explore at education and my spare time.
For my studies in drawing, I mainly enjoy doodling in my notebooks, during in lectures and me waiting for something to happen, and for actual studying, it’s the same as my studies in painting, I draw fantasy and landscape subject matters.
For my interest in photography, I have taken pictures of travelling sites and mostly my interest in taken pictures of skies, because how every time you see a sky, it always different, in terms of colours and the patterns of each sky gives to us.
And for my spare time at graphic designing, I use the programme, Adobe Photoshop to create and design many different subject matters, and I use this to help people with designing posters, logos or website designs. It’s a fantastic platform to use your skill and imagination to explore.



The first inspirations that got me into art were cartoons and video games, as those were my hobbies when I was young, and they are still serve as inspirations till’ this day.
Since then I have explored and developed my art and had many different influences in different art forms that I studied and create, which most of my interests and helps are including artists, friends, music, films, games and history.
For years, my personal favourite artist has always been Frank Frazetta, an American Fantasy artist, because of his brilliant creativity and imagination that he made through his dramatic artwork, and I had always admired his paintings and drawings ever since.
My other artists’ inspirations that helped me with my studies and developed my understanding in my art:
Boris Vallejo, Ken Kelly, Bob Eggleton, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt van Rijn, Paul Cezanne, M.C. Escher, Stan Winston, Rick Baker and Hipgnosis.