Steve Taylor (photo taken by Ellen Smith)

I’m an artist I’m an artist from Suffolk, and specialising in a whole range of different art forms, and I have recently broadened my approach to encompass a range of new ideas in my studies and designs, from now to the future.
I currently volunteer my services at Ipswich Community Radio where my artwork can be found on the globally recognized on their website and their radio platform, RadioPlayer.
I have taken an interest in the world of art when I was young, always grabbing the papers and colouring pencils to draw my favourite characters from cartoons and video games, as those two elements were my first art inspirations, and still serve as an influences till this day. It wasn’t until I was at high school that I decide to study and explore further into the world of art and use my skills to make this decision happen, and so I decide to study it further properly at college. I have explored different mediums, such as printmaking, photography, graphic design and I had developed more on my painting and drawing styles and skills.
Never had a strong point, or never focused on one pacific medium; I had always enjoy exploring all different forms of art, but my favourites and my strongest skills had always been painting, drawing, photography and graphic design. I’m now at the University of Suffolk (previous University Campus Suffolk), studying BA (Hons) Fine Art (2014 – 2017), and this is the place and course that I finally got the chance to shine, with the freedom and now exploring further deep into my skills.